Terms and Conditions for the use of the documents - Photo credits

- The mention 'ARKEMA' followed by the name of the 'photographer', when available, shall be mandatory when publishing any document from the ARKEMA Photo Library.

- The copyright shall be granted free of charge, for use on one occasion only and for a specific purpose which shall be disclosed at the time of the loan.

- Any use other than the use intended initially shall be subject to further prior request.

- In any event, the user shall undertake not to violate at any time either the copyrights or the moral rights of the authors or rightholders of the photographs that he or she intends to use, the user being the only person answerable to the authors, to third parties and to ARKEMA regarding the use that will be made of the said photographs, in particular in the case of alterations or montages involving the published photographs.


- Copyrights for photographs are governed by the Law of 1st July 1992 on literary and artistic property (consolidating the Laws of 11th March 1957 and 3rd July 1985).

- The protection of people and goods is governed by Law n.70-743 of 17th July 1970.